At the core of Full Color® Games DNA is the world’s first and only new universal deck of playing cards in the history of time.

We removed the unnecessary and redundant aces & faces off of a deck of cards to unlock the mathematical speed limits of card gaming.

Full Color® Gaming System is infinite in scope, mathematical design and scale.  Our Universal Full Color® Casino Deck 55 Cards / Deck each with 5 Suits (4 Color & 1 White) 11 Cards / Suit Ranked 1~11 while our Full Color® Video Poker deck ranges from 15, 20 & 25 card ranks in a suit.  Our Full Color® Solitaire decks come in 13, 16, 19, 22 & 25 card ranks per suit proving the it’s unlimited dynamic range.


Blackjack Completely Reinvented

Color Cards +INCREASE your score and White Cards -DECREASE it creating two
different ways to win the game by scoring up to “21” just like traditional blackjack or now down to “Nothing”. Since only 1 out of every 5 cards are a White Card™ and can take you down in score, any score of 0 or less than 0 is simply a “Nothing” and ranks as a 21!


Baccarat Completely Simplified

Color Cards +INCREASE your score and White Cards -DECREASE it creating two
different ways to win the game by scoring up to +9 just like traditional baccarat or now down to -33. We’ve removed all 80 “Draw a 3rd Card Rules” and completely simplified it with one single rule revolutionizing the game!

Many Ways to Play

Soon, we will tell you where you can begin to play Full Color® Games as they begin to release around the world.


Our games will be available online at your favorite real money online casinos, through social casino websites and through your favorite app store on your favorite device!

Check back soon for “Where to Play”.


Want to play Full Color® Games against a live dealer? Soon you’ll be able to play remotely through our Live Dealer studios or in a Live Casino with real cards dealt by a live dealer.

Check back soon for “Where to Play”.


Full Color® Games has revolutionary mathematical formulas hidden inside of Full Color® Cards and wraps them around the wheels of the world’s most popular casino games of slot machines that make up our line of Spin Games™.  Our Spin Games™ line of Full Color® Slots are available in up to 100 lines, with ReSpin™ features that let the players spin again without any additional wagers for added entertainment and more!

Check back soon to see when and where you can play them!


Full Color® Solitaire has reinvented the world’s most popular games of solitaire by introducing the world’s first ever 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 card sets that create entirely new levels of game play and an infinite number of ways to play all your favorite games including FreeCell, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid and Spider 1, 2 and 4 suit version.  Game Center and skill based games can be played for real money against your friends or people from anywhere in the world!!!

Check back soon for when and where you can play them!